Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Photo Card Reveal

With the holidays wrapping up this week, and all of our cards having been safely delivered the week before Christmas, it’s time to reveal the photo cards I made this year. I mentioned before Thanksgiving that I was super excited to use Shutterfly for our holiday photo cards this year. I received free cards, thanks to blogging, and also received some great deals in my email and online from Shutterfly. They were such good discounts, in fact, that my Mom, sister and I ended up pooling the discounts, ordering our cards together and splitting the cost three ways. Here are the cards each of us sent out to our family and friends for 2010.

The card from the Walkers. I just loved the fun colors and theme of our card (since our picture was taken on Bourbon Street while we were in Louisiana for our friend’s wedding)! The photo card budget was tight this year, so I felt horrible that we didn’t get to send a card to as many people as we would have liked. But no worries, I’ve already made a mental note to start saving up early next year (when we start saving money for Christmas gifts) to cover the cards and the stamps – those are the killer!

The card from the Wohletz family. Ah, those little boys are so adorable! I am one lucky Aunt.

The card(s) from the Fagan family… all of us! Funny story on this one; Mom had two cards to send out. It’s a long story, but basically she needed more than we could originally order with our discount, so I created another card with the same pictures and message. Some of our family members and friends received the glossy one-sided card and some of them received the matte card stock traditional-open-and-close card. I have no idea how she decided who would receive which style, but loved both of them!

I love making holiday photo cards and love receiving them even more! We have some great ones in our card basket to help us remember 2010, and they’re still arriving this week. Until next Christmas… take great photos in 2011 so you have lots of good options for next year’s card. J

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