Saturday, December 18, 2010

House Tour Part I

I know, I know... we moved in exactly three weeks ago and I have yet to post a single picture of the new house. So sorry!

Here is the Casa de Walker (for the next couple of years, anyway). Isn't it cute?! We just love it. We love the 1.5 story layout, the location, the addition that the original owners put on the back of the house and upstairs, our proximity to family and friends, stores, restaurants and entertainment, and so much more.

The Living Room - Before:

The Living Room - After (with our Christmas decorations up):

We are very thankful to finally have a formal living room and separate family room (as we call them). It is so nice to walk in the front door to this cozy sitting room. We can see ourselves hanging out here in the evenings during the week (maybe with a fire going in the winter months) with a glass of wine, just talking and catching up on the day. It is also the perfect place for our extra large hutch that houses all of our special drink ware and serving pieces. If you have ever gotten married, you can relate to how much stuff you can accumulate - in a good way. We are still thankful to this day for every glass, platter, bowl, pitcher, etc. that we received and are so happy to have this great piece of furniture to keep it all safe and sound. This armoire was originally part of our bedroom set that we converted to a hutch by simply taking down the hanging rod and placing the shelves where we wanted them. It is by far one of the best, and favorite, purchases we have ever purchased.

I love this sofa table (which we're using as a wall/entry table, for the time being). We had purchased it with every intention of using it in the family room with the new couch, love seat and over sized chair, but as the delivery men walked through the living and dining rooms to get everything to the family room, it stuck out to both my sister and me as the perfect that to fill that huge wall. See that framed flag art? That was a $2.00 Goodwill purchase that actually came as a very light stained wood. It was really washed out and way too light for our furniture and decor, but I couldn't pass it up. This was my first DYI house project before we moved. This will be its own post soon, but it was super easy to transform to what you see now. Also, see that huge 'W'? That is one of the huge wooden letters that are always on sale at Hobby Lobby. Most people keep them the original gold color, but yellow-ish gold is definitely not my style, so I grabbed a can of black gloss spray paint I already had in the garage and gave the extra large letter a few good coats. I just love the results, and the whole thing cost less than $5 (it was on sale and I had a coupon, and we already ownded the paint).

The Dining Room - Before:

The Dining Room - After: 

There is a lot more house to see. House Tour Part II coming soon...

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