Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

We heard through word-of-mouth that the house was available for rent. The homeowners/landlords were super nice. All of the details fell into place perfectly and just in time. We started packing. We set appointments for services like cable and Internet and set dates for switching the utilities to our name. I shopped around for, and purchased, furniture to fit the rooms. Family members and friends looked through pictures and drawings of the floor plan. We hired the movers – set the date, address, price, etc. We were beyond excited for this new place to call home and the countdown was at T-minus 5 days…

And then the phone rang.

It was last Saturday morning and we were two hours southwest of Kansas City on our way to a high school friend’s wedding in Independence, KS. I had this horrible feeling that something was wrong the second Caton answered the phone... 

The house is no longer up for rent. We’re moving in FIVE days and we have nowhere to go. How do you move when you don’t know where you’re going?

There were a couple “mmmhmm’s”, “ok’s”, and a “no, we don’t have a backup plan”… that was it, the house was gone, and we had nowhere to go in five days. As hard as it was to make this decision, we turned around and headed back to KC. We had to gather our thoughts, get a hold of our emotions and figure out Plan B. We had no idea if our current apartment had already been leased out for next month. We had no idea if there were other houses available for us to move into in five days. We had no idea what to do next. Caton made some phone calls on the drive home and the decision was made before we hit the driveway: We have to find another house by Sunday night…


After 24 hours of countless searches on the computer, tons of phone calls and seven walk-through’s, we found another house to rent and we could move in Friday! As relieved, thankful and excited as we were, we were equally annoyed, frustrated and exhausted with how things happened and how we were treated, that we had to miss our friend’s wedding and the thought of all the things we had to do on top of what we already had scheduled for our original move. We had completely put a halt on packing to determine whether we had a place to go and if we were going to be move at all. We canceled appointments that we had set super far in advance so we got services like cable and Internet and utilities the day we wanted them (you know me, super Type-A!). We came seconds away from just eating a down payment we had already paid for a huge desk and credenza that we bought to fit perfectly in the so-close-but-no-cigar house (but later decided to go ahead with the purchase and cross our fingers and toes that it will fit somewhere). We deleted the pictures and threw away the drawings of the floor plan and where we wanted to place our furniture. We changed the address with the movers. We had to force ourselves not to think about the house-that-wasn’t and pretend like it never existed in the first place. Our countdown was now at T-minus four days…

I’m sure many of you have questions and I promise we’ve heard them all. WHY DID THEY DO THIS? Why didn’t we yell and scream? Why didn’t we cuss and call them names? Why didn’t we take their offer to have them move in with relatives so we could still move into the house? The answer to each of those questions is the same: we’re not those kind of people; that’s not us and we don’t want to start acting like that now, just because things didn’t go our way. Now don’t get me wrong, we still feel mad… pissed off… fired up… you name it, we probably feel it and we probably will for quite a while. We weren’t just renting this house, we were talking about renting-to-own this house – to make it ours and to turn it from a house to a home. And this rent-to-own option was presented to us, with open arms. We were starting to fall in love with it as much as the current owners did, and then it was just gone.

Despite being put through one of the longest, most emotional and stressful weekends of our life, we are the ones that ended up on top. (I know, that’s what she said.) We found a bigger, better house. We found a more desirable neighborhood that is still in our top pick area, Prairie Village, of KC. We grew as individuals and as a couple and beat yet another hurdle of many that we will come across in our life together. We got to see prayers answered right before our eyes. We still get to be together with a roof over our heads. We don’t have to live with any of the guilt or regret for how things went down. We are the lucky ones…

This wonderful Thanksgiving week has been filled with packing, packing and more packing… along with thinking about all of the things we’re thankful for this year! We can’t wait to share our new house with you. I will be putting up lots of pictures: before, during and after the move; our furniture in the apartment and now how it is set up in the house; the new pieces we acquire; the projects I have been working on and those that are still flying around my head as ideas and dreams. I CAN’T WAIT!!! We hope/plan to live here for a couple years before we venture out and buy our own first home together, but we couldn’t be more excited for this huge stepping stone to get us acquainted to the neighborhood and overall amount of space a house will offer.  

Whew! It’s time to get back to packing so we can enjoy our Turkey Day and get ready for MOVING DAY!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards

The holidays are right around the corner and one of my favorite parts of Christmas is HOLIDAY CARDS! I am super excited to be getting my photo cards from this year. I get a huge smile on my face just thinking about choosing a picture or two, coming up with a cute greeting and taking fooor-evvvv-errrr to decide which design I want to use to represent the year 2010 for the rest of time (that is, if everyone else saves every single card they have ever received like I do, and look through them every year when I pull out the old cards). I know, I take it way too seriously, but I just love it! Check out the awesome selection of Holiday Photo Cards at

I have always been a girl, but recently switched over to and know I'll be a lifelong customer. Their site, product offerings, and customer service are all top-of-the-line and the gifts I have given provided some of the best reactions I have ever received. Last year for Christmas, I gave my mom and mother-in-law photo calendars for their desks at work and gave the grandparents full-size photo calendars to hang up at home. They were such a hit! I had a great time finding photos, setting up each page, picking out quotes for every month, and then seeing their faces when they opened this super-personalized gift that gives and gives for 12 months straight. Check out the great selection of Calendars at
Only 1 more week until Thanksgiving and I’m sure the Christmas cards will start popping up in our mailbox shortly thereafter. I am so excited to see the cards and pictures of our family members and friends!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here Goes Nothing!

Wow, I can’t believe I am actually doing this! I have been talking about starting a blog for months and months, maybe even a year or more, and I have finally found that thing to give me the motivation I need. Caton and I are moving into our first house! Granted, we’re easing our way into this next phase of our life together by renting – maybe renting-to-rent, maybe renting-to-own, definitely renting-to-try-out-the-neighborhood-before-we-buy – but we could not be more excited!

My husband has always been a fan of my Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and crafts (BTW, hasn’t this whole “DIY” craze been amazing for all of us that have always “done it ourselves” with crafts, projects, home improvements, etc. but never had a name for it?! I just LOVE IT!) and, after my obsession began with a few awesome blogs out there (specifically Young House Love & Bower Power, both of which I read on a daily basis), has been encouraging me to begin documenting my own successes, failures, and ideas with the rest of the world. By “rest of the world” I really mean my husband and the few family members and friends that happen to stumble across this site, so maybe I should have said “rest of MY world”.

So, here goes nothing! I could not be more excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled or overwhelmed to be sharing this huge part of my life with each and every one of you. I hope I am able to inspire, energize, affect, inform, encourage, influence, and excite you when it comes to all things creative – arts & crafts, home projects, renovations, bargain shopping, decorating, organizing, salvaging, making homemade gifts, and much more! I hope you learn from my mistakes, gather hints and advice from my successes and make time for fun and creativity in your crazy-busy life.

I am sincerely grateful that you took the time out of your day and life to read my thoughts, ideas, and opinions... and I hope I can keep you coming back for more!