Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are all moved into this new place we call home! Caton had some time off of work last week (thankfully) and spent most, or maybe all, of his time (what an amazing guy) making up for all of the packing time we lost with The Great Rental House Disaster of 2010. My expert packer got us all ready to go in a few short days and provided us with the luxury of enjoying our Thanksgiving the day before the big move, and what a wonderful Thanksgiving it was (I promise there is a post and pictures coming soon. Better late than never, right?!)!

The moving company we hired (best decision EVER, by the way) showed up promptly at 8:00 AM and were ready to move our whole life from one part of the city to another. Big props to N.L. Wilson Moving Company and my great friend, Emily, for the recommendation. Our movers were easy on the wallet, easy on our most prized possessions, AND easy on the eyes (although, I can’t guarantee you will be assigned the same mover that we were lucky enough to have – don’t worry, Hunny, I kid… kind of!) To all of my single ladies out there, I need to figure out how to get you in touch with Brett! J I wish I had taken a picture for you, but I didn’t. Fail. Anyway, hiring movers for the first time in our lives was the greatest decision we’ve ever made and we will forever hire N.L. Wilson to do the job for us down the road.

When the full size moving truck (yes, one of the big ones; probably not the biggest they make, but it was large!) showed up I thought, there is NO way we will fill that entire truck. Boy, was I wrong. Let’s just say the movers had about a foot of space between our belongings and the door when they finally closed it. It was a photo finish (and I forgot to take pictures of the whole day, darn it)! Caton and I just kept looking at each other in disbelief. Do we REALLY have this much stuff?! Is it possible that we (Caton having lived in his parents basement through college and me having lived in a 300ish square foot studio apartment through graduate school) have received enough wedding gifts, purchased enough “real world” furniture, and inherited enough stuff in 2 years of marriage that we already require a full-size moving truck?! Well, the answer is yes, even though it’s still hard for us to believe.  

At the end of moving day, we successful fit all of our stuff into the new house and had a busy weekend of cleaning, unpacking, organizing, cleaning some more (did I mention I’m Type-A?!) and decorating. I am actually just now wrapping up the final phases of getting fully settled into the new house and am so excited that Caton and I can call this place home for the next 2 years! Our goal has always been to rent in a location before we buy, just to make sure we absolutely love everything about the neighborhood, commute to work, access to friends and family, location in regards to stores and entertainment, etc. and I have a good feeling that PV will pass the test! A lot of the houses in our price range (the range we want to spend as opposed to the range the lending company wants us to spend) will definitely be a fixer-upper, but that is exactly what we want! We can’t wait to find a house that will allow us to tweak, customize and fix-up just to our liking, taste and style. So, the savings for a down payment and all of those thousands of small and large modifications that we dream up in our heads starts… riiiigggghhht nooow!

P.S. I don’t have any before or after pictures to post just yet, but they will be up soon so stay tuned!

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