Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pom Pom Garland

It may sound (and look) funny, but I promise it’s super-cute and super-fun, and I am super-excited to share this quick, easy and inexpensive addition to your Valentine’s Day décor. 
I had mentioned on this post that I wanted to add some more Love Day inspiration around our house and when I found this idea here, I just couldn’t resist trying it out myself. 
The idea is simple, and so is the list of items needed: a needle, clear thread, and pom poms. I was able to grab a needle from my sewing kit, the clear thread (I actually ended up using fishing wire) from my husband’s tackle box, and the pom poms from Micheal’s. They had a great selection of colors and styles and the price was even better (each pack I purchased was $1.00 or less).
I’m sure this is extremely self-explanatory, but here are my quick instructions anyway. First, I cut five strands of fishing wire, all of various lengths, and tied a knot at the end of each one. Next, I attached a strand to the needle and thread the pom poms on one by one, varying sizes and colors so there was no single pattern or design (I know, totally not like me, but I loved the end result!).
Here are the finished strands.

I loved the look on the Noodlehead blog, but didn’t feel like we have a good window to hang these colorful little beauties. Instead, I chose to hang them from the chandelier in the dining room. I love that it’s a location we walk by multiple times a day and the fact that it spruces up the chandelier (I absolutely can’t stand the yellow-gold finish on the thing, but it’s one of those things we can put up with for a couple  years while we rent). Isn’t it fun?!

So, there you have it; my spin on pom pom garland. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this for other holidays throughout the year?

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