Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Heart February

I love Valentine’s Day (or, Saint Valentine’s Day, as it was originally named). I love the pinks, the reds, the purples, and I especially love them all mixed together. I love the hearts and decorations. I love my memories of picking out the perfect Valentines to give my classmates and how excited I was to receive them in return. I love being able to express my love to my husband, family and friends. To put it simply: I love the month of love.
My husband is a major History Buff and it’s just one of the million things I love about him. I have never been big into the topics of history, trivia and the like, but his interest in history is one of the things that have grown on me during our 7+ years together. I find myself researching topics, both little and big, just to find out the background.  So, for all of you history lovers out there, read The History Channel’s research on the The History of Valentine's Day. It’s rather embarrassing to admit that as someone who loves Valentine’s Day, I really don’t have that many decorations. I have a few hearts, a few red and pink things (heart shaped bowls, heart shaped platters, etc), and some pink lights. Yes, lights. In college, my wonderful Mom would send me various decorations for the holidays to spruce up my dorm room/bedroom in an apartment with 1 other girl/bedroom in a house with 4 other girls/studio apartment. Still to this day, the Christmas Valentine’s Day lights (and Halloween lights – a mini strand of lights that are orange and in the shapes of pumpkins) – a mini strand of lights that are hot pink – are still one of my favorite decorations that I use year after year. Those few decorations may have worked in our old apartment(s), but they won’t do justice in a house. All of the decorations we currently own could be used in one room. Unacceptable to this holiday-decoration-loving gal! So, I have been on the search for fun, and homemade, Valentine’s Day décor. I have a few projects in the works and can’t wait to make their debut at the beginning of February (along with instructions on how I made them in case you want to spruce up your living space as well).
The first project is going to use a little of this…

The second project is going to use a little of this…

And, last but not least, the third project gift is going to use a little of this…

Stay tuned!

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