Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We are having a cold winter here in Kansas City. Well, it’s freezing cold one day, it’s 50 degrees the next day, and then it’s snowing two days later. Only in Kansas… welcome to the Midwest! Our master bedroom is actually an addition that was made on the house about 20 years ago (as is the family room) and we quickly found out when we moved in that those rooms get COLD.
Since we weren’t interested in breaking the bank just to heat two rooms (the rest of the house stays comfortably warm with our cheap modest thermostat setting), my oh-so-intelligent husband threw out the idea of getting a space heater. Now, I will admit, I was downright clueless when it came to heaters of any kind. My parents never had a space heater in our house growing up, so all I knew about them was from the horror stories on the news every winter about houses burning to the ground, children getting hurt or things just all-around going very badly. About the time I’m envisioning all of our belongings going up in flames and thinking (1) this man is crazy and (2) there is no way in hell we are buying one of those (the hubby could tell by my eyeballs growing to the size of lemons and my jaw dropping to the couch) Caton quickly informed me that space heaters are nothing like they used to be, they have tons of built-in safety features and precautions and are actually pretty stylish.
Lucky for our cold buns, I believed him and we headed out to Target to do some space heater shopping. They had a huge selection (so much so that it was actually hard to decide which would be the best) but we narrowed down our options by size, color, and features and ended up coming home with this little stud. 

Isn’t he handsome?! We call him Spacey the Space Heater by Lasko and we got him for a great price from Target (I have this habit of putting –ey or –ie on everything. Just ask the hubbs; but he thinks it’s cute!) to go along with Koney the Kone Dirt Devil and Swiffey the Swiffer . And here it is in our bedroom. Please don't mind the clothes stacked in the corner. This was taken before we bought our shelf for the closet. :)

We love everything about this heater and would recommend it all of you in a heartbeat. In fact, the Fagan kids (and kids-in-law) got one of these bad boys for my parents for Christmas this year and it was a huge hit. Not only do the colors, size and style go well with our bedroom furniture and décor, but the features are better than we even realized in the store. It has a remote, which is always a plus, and also oscillates so the heat is evenly spread around the room. These were things we knew from reading the box at the store, but it wasn’t until after playing around with it that first night that we realized it has a built in thermostat. This small appliance is smart! Each night, depending on how cold it is outside, we set the heater’s thermostat and once our desired temperature in the room is hit, the heater shuts itself off. If at any point during the night the temperature of the room falls a degree below our set number, the heaters kicks itself back on and continues oscillating to get the heat flowing back through the room. It is such a lifesaver… or should I say cold booty saver! We have also found ourselves bringing it out to the family room on a chilly evening to keep us toasty on the couch while we watch some shows or movies.
So, if you’re finding your house extra cold this winter, head on over to Target and get your own Spacey!

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  1. We have the exact same one! Joe teases me b/c I seriously carry it around with me from room to room and it's been great on chilly nights to make sure the room stays warm enough for Aspen! Great minds think alike! :)