Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here Goes Nothing!

Wow, I can’t believe I am actually doing this! I have been talking about starting a blog for months and months, maybe even a year or more, and I have finally found that thing to give me the motivation I need. Caton and I are moving into our first house! Granted, we’re easing our way into this next phase of our life together by renting – maybe renting-to-rent, maybe renting-to-own, definitely renting-to-try-out-the-neighborhood-before-we-buy – but we could not be more excited!

My husband has always been a fan of my Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and crafts (BTW, hasn’t this whole “DIY” craze been amazing for all of us that have always “done it ourselves” with crafts, projects, home improvements, etc. but never had a name for it?! I just LOVE IT!) and, after my obsession began with a few awesome blogs out there (specifically Young House Love & Bower Power, both of which I read on a daily basis), has been encouraging me to begin documenting my own successes, failures, and ideas with the rest of the world. By “rest of the world” I really mean my husband and the few family members and friends that happen to stumble across this site, so maybe I should have said “rest of MY world”.

So, here goes nothing! I could not be more excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled or overwhelmed to be sharing this huge part of my life with each and every one of you. I hope I am able to inspire, energize, affect, inform, encourage, influence, and excite you when it comes to all things creative – arts & crafts, home projects, renovations, bargain shopping, decorating, organizing, salvaging, making homemade gifts, and much more! I hope you learn from my mistakes, gather hints and advice from my successes and make time for fun and creativity in your crazy-busy life.

I am sincerely grateful that you took the time out of your day and life to read my thoughts, ideas, and opinions... and I hope I can keep you coming back for more!

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  1. Hey LL - Very proud of you! Congrats on your first posts!

    Also, is there a more manly word for "crafts"? ha, jk.